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Our excursions in Tunisia
Sahara Beach Hotel offers you the opportunity to discover the Tunisian regions. Our excursions will show you our natural diversity and the richness of our heritage.


Discover during two days, the South of Tunisia with a total immersion in the desert for a unique experience. Enjoy the charm of the dunes, palm forests and Berber culture.

The troglodyte houses of the city of Matmata and the landscapes are just breathtaking!

The romantic oasis of Tozeur is the main attraction of the city with its architecture and craftsmanship.

As for Chott El Jerid, it will amaze you with its largest salt lake in the country.

At the gateway to the Sahara, you can take a camel ride through the immense dunes.

The 4x4 vehicles will take you to Ong El Jemel where you will discover the existing set of "Star Wars".

The south of Tunisia is a land full of surprises and contrasts. Our country will never cease to surprise you with its diversity.

  • Day of departure : Tuesday & Friday
  • Means of transport : Bus / 4x4
  • Duration : 2 Day
  • Adult price : 142 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 71 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide / Entrance Fees / 2 lunches / Hotel


Discover the Punic and Roman era by visiting the ruins of Carthage. You will see the battlefields of these two famous civilizations and embrace their mutual powers.
Then, stroll through the picturesque blue and white village of Sidi Bou Saïd and enjoy its Mediterranean spirit with unique architecture.
Complete your authentic journey through a walk in the heart of Tunis's old town.
We invite you to taste local flavours, feel new fragrances and shop in the artisanal souks around. (Artisans, jewellers, etc.)
The medina is one of the largest cities in the Islamic world. It possesses around 700 monuments including palaces, mosques, mausoleums and souks.

  • Day of departure : Tuesday & Saturday
  • Means of transport : Bus
  • Duration : 1 Day
  • Adult price : 68 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 34 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide / Entrance Fees / Lunch


Nothing can equal the charm of Sousse, Tunisia's third-largest city.
It is called "the pearl" of the Tunisian coasts. So, we invite you to discover it through a walk in the narrow streets of its typical Medina. Enjoy its various shops, flavourings and essences.
On the other hand, we will visit the Soula Centre and the 3D museum, for a single experience.  

  • Day of departure : Monday & Friday
  • Means of transport : Bus
  • Duration : 1/2 Day
  • Adult price : 13 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 11.5 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide


El Jem
 Take a trip to the city of El Jem to discover the 3rd biggest Coliseum worldwide.
Located near the coastal city of Mahdia, it is famous for its majestic Roman amphitheatre.
Moreover, the building is better preserved than the one in Rome. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors who seek travelling back in time and experiencing the gladiators' era.
The amphitheatre used to host up to 30,000 spectators to attend these fights.
Today and since 1985, the city holds the International Festival of Symphonic Music, every summer. It gives even more magic to the monument.  Throughout the year, the amphitheatre remains accessible to local tourists and foreigners.

From the Roman civilisation, we take you to the Arab period.
Kairouan is the first Arab-Muslim foundation in North Africa. Islamic religion started there before it spread over the Maghreb area. Besides, it possesses the most beautiful religious buildings in the country. The most famous one is the mosque of Sidi Sahbi, the Patron Saint of the city.
It also has a charming typical medina, oriental markets and remarkable craftsmanship. Kairouan city is mostly known for its handmade carpets manufacturing.

It is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Tunisia. In Monastir, deep history mixes with modernity. The main attractions are the Mausoleum, the Ribat, the Marina and the typical Medina.

  • Day of departure : Thursday
  • Means of transport : Bus
  • Duration : 1 Day
  • Adult price : 68 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 34 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide / Entrance Fees / Lunch


We suggest you a memorable half-day trip to the Roman city of El Jem. Upon arrival, you will recognize Roman civilization traces thanks to the standing coliseum.
All its different parts are accessible such as the arena and the dungeons. Free time during the visit will allow you to explore the monument and take pictures.
We will dedicate the second part of the schedule to the archaeological museum to discover rare mosaic collections. The garden is also an attractive place to enjoy Africa House with its splendid hall and pavements.

  • Day of departure : Wednesday & Saturday
  • Means of transport : Bus
  • Duration : 1/2 Day
  • Adult price : 40 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 20 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide / Entrance Fees


If you love the countryside, we invite you to explore Takrouna.
It is a Berber village perched at an altitude of about 200 m. It has brilliant original architecture thanks to its marabout and its mosque.
On the other hand, you will see the ghost village (old Zriba). This area has become deserted since 1964 as the population has moved to new Zriba, looking for a more comfortable life.
The guided tour will make you appreciate the streets and the local lifestyle.
Then we'll plan a stop in Hergla near the marine cemetery, the fishing port and the city centre. Shops and craft workshops decorate the village. Blue and white paintings in Hergla accentuate its Mediterranean charm.
Finally, you will get a glimpse of the architecture and the esparto grass artisanal use.

  • Day of departure : Wednesday
  • Means of transport : 4x4
  • Duration : 1/2 Day
  • Adult price : 60 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 30 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide / Tea


Our customers always appreciate this experience. They find the opportunity to get together with family or friends for a moment of relaxation, culture and fun. The departure will be from the port of Sousse or Monastir. Once onboard, you will enjoy music, dance, fakir shows and tasty traditional lunch.

  • Day of departure : Monday & Friday
  • Means of transport : Bus
  • Duration : 1/2 Day
  • Adult price : 63 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 31.5 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide / Pirate Boat Trip / Lunch


The taste of adventure through the country side disguised like Laurence of Arabia riding dromedaries and carriages crowned tasting the Berber bread and olive oil. It is the experience through the country-side and the suburb of Sousse. Getting on camels and carriages, looking like Laurence of Arabia during a couple of hours long. Relaxation in the farm where the flavor of the Berber bread reaches the nostrils and invites the guests to taste the bread coming in front of them from the traditional oven. This experience with its details enters in the so called pastoral symphony