Booking : CARAVAN


(*) Tours departure from the Hotel


The taste of adventure through the country side disguised like Laurence of Arabia riding dromedaries and carriages crowned tasting the Berber bread and olive oil. It is the experience through the country-side and the suburb of Sousse. Getting on camels and carriages, looking like Laurence of Arabia during a couple of hours long. Relaxation in the farm where the flavor of the Berber bread reaches the nostrils and invites the guests to taste the bread coming in front of them from the traditional oven. This experience with its details enters in the so called pastoral symphony not to be missed in any case. 

  • Day of departure : Monday & Friday
  • Means of transport: Bus
  • Duration : 1/2
  • Adult price : 35 USD
  • Children's price (Age < 12 years) : 17.5 USD
  • All inclusive : Tour Guide / Caravan
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