On 26th April 2024, we joyfully reopen our doors to guests, promising a delightful stay filled with warmth and hospitality.





Is it possible to withdraw money at the hotel?

You can not withdraw money at the hotel but you can pay with the card.

Do you have a cash machine at the hotel?

The nearest cash machine is 1 kilometer from the hotel.

Are dogs allowed at the hotel?

Dogs are not allowed at the hotel.


Is there a safe in the room?

The safes are in the rooms with 3,500 Dinars per day.

Is there an iron in the room?

Ironing clothes is extra and on request.

Is there a baby bottle warmer in the hotel?

Yes you will find it at the main restaurant.


Dresscode for restaurants?

It is not tolerated to enter the restaurant with swimwear except at the outdoor restaurant.


Does the hotel offer mattresses for the beach?

Beach mattresses are free.

Can we use the burkini at the pool?

Burkini is allowed only at the indoor pool.