Explore the endless charm of Mahdia
Mahdia is a peninsula located on the beautiful Tunisian eastern-coast. It is very famous for its vast golden beaches, crystalline blue water and creeks.

It was founded by the Arab Caliph Obeid Allah El Mahdi who gave it his name and built a military and commercial port.

Mahdia has become the 2nd Muslim foundation of the country, after Kairouan city.  

The city has a rich history as it bears witness to the Punic, Arab and Ottoman eras.
It has also welcomed communities from neighbouring countries of the Mediterranean. Thus, it possesses a remarkable cultural mix.

What are the Mahdia must-do’s?
During your stay in Mahdia, there are several activities to be planned.
Enjoying the sea    
The first place to visit is, of course, the turquoise sea bordering the peninsula and its sandy beaches.
You can also swim outside the tourist area, near Borj Erras lagoons or in a nearby village like Salakta. Mahdia is known for scuba diving so you can plan it, too.
Visiting monuments
Several monuments exist in the city centre, representing historical Mahdia heritage.
We first mention the most famous one: Skifa El Kahla (the black vestibule) also called Bab Zouila. It is a large fortified portal, located at the entrance of the medina.
It was built by the Fatimids in 916 in the 10th century while founding the city.
Second, we invite you to discover the lovely architecture of the town's several mosques. Some of them are notorious. We name, for example, Hajj Mustapha Hamza mosque and the big royal mosque.  
Your walk should continue to the Arab medina with its small streets decorated with bougainvillaeas, artisanal handicraft shops and typical cafés.
Afterwards, strolling through Borj Erras district on the way to Cap Africa will lead you to the old ruins that stand in the middle of the existing rocky beach. Among them the famous Phoenician arch and remains of the Punic port.
You will also discover the marine cemetery and its white tombs. Curiously, people consider it as one of Mahdia's attractions thanks to its breathtaking sea view.
At the same place, you won't miss the beautiful lighthouse of the city, located on the opposite hill.  A fortified castle called el Borj El Kebir is majestically standing around, too.
It used to be an old Ottoman military base founded at the end of the 16th century.

Welcome to our 3-star hotel: El Borj
To allow you to discover the peninsula and spend an unforgettable journey, we invite you to visit our hotel El Borj.
It is located in the tourist area of Mahdia, by the Mediterranean Sea, about 3 km away from the city centre.
Accessible from Tunisian airports, it is only 50 km away from Monastir airport, 120 km from Enfidha and 220 km from Tunis-Carthage.
Its typical architecture is a reminder of the city historical value. A touch of modernism blends with the oriental charm of the location. The furniture and cosy interior design reflect the Mediterranean and friendly spirit of Mahdia. So in El Borj, you may feel like home.
Besides, the hotel offers you direct access to the beach and a large outdoor swimming pool to enjoy holidays. It also possesses lovely terraces, an auditorium and a big multi-purpose room. (200 persons)
We suggest innovative cuisine and personalised services so we can please our visitors.
Last but not least, the hotel offers comfortable rooms, a wide range of fun activities and free Wi-Fi connection in the lobby area, the main restaurant and the pool terrace.