Awaken your taste buds and go on a culinary journey aboard the Djerba Beach Hotel
Gastronomy is a speciality to which the Djerba Beach Hotel pays particular attention.
We pamper our guests by offering them a creative and varied cuisine through tasty dishes. For this, our passionate chefs take up daily challenges to please you. They even offer induction courses in local cuisine every Thursday.
Besides, we are very thoughtful about the different diets of our clients (gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, etc.) So, to personalise your dishes, don't hesitate to talk to our staff, specifying your type of intolerance or allergy.
Allow yourself to be seduced by exquisite tastes without guilt, and rely on our expertise in our various bars and restaurants.
Welcome to gourmets! How about tasting a new dish today?
Enjoy the refinement of local products from our sun-drenched land: extra olive oil, a variety of cheese, seasonal fruits, vegetables and artisanal bread. The freshness of our fish, meat and seafood is notable, too. We use local products and other imported ingredients, especially to prepare the best dishes for you.
Please note that depending on the weather, thematic dinners are regularly offered, on the beach and by the pool.

Main Restaurant

"El Kastil"

This is the main restaurant of the hotel and is distinguished by the variety of its dishes, displayed in a rich buffet.


Theme Restaurant

"El Mahboubine"

This is a themed restaurant, with a more relaxed atmosphere, but still luxurious.


Lobby Bar

"El May"

Come and enjoy your aperitif in a relaxed atmosphere!


Pool Bar

Fresh cocktails and sunbathing to enjoy your holidays in Tunisia.


Beach Bar

Appreciate the sweet sea breeze and the pretty blue reflection of our swimming pool.


Moorish Café

Give in to the oriental charm and savour the moment…