Djerba, the Dream Island and crossroad of all cultures

Land in Djerba and enjoy a sensational stay on Tunisia's most famous island.

With its unique charm, authenticity and natural diversity, it takes you to a soothing world of peace and sweetness. Green hills, an emerald sea decorated with colourful harbours and idyllic golden sandy beaches.

All this makes Djerba the ideal place to relax, explore and have fun.

Explore Djerba and fill your memory book!

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, in the south-east of the country, the Tunisian island has a surface area of 514 km², belonging to Mednine governorate.

Reachable by air or by land, driving through the south of Tunisia, it contains several cities including the famous Houmt Souk.

Houmt Souk

This city is the first place to visit on the island as it has the biggest shops and the liveliest streets! You will find there the typical medina with its artisanal souks, colourful local products, traditional clothes, restaurants, etc. So be sure that Houmt Souk will attract you upon your arrival.

Besides, you will be able to discover some of the most impressive mosques of Djerba as well as Sidi Zitouni museum standing nearby.

Midoun and Guellala

Other Djerbian cities, a little less touristic but just as spectacular, are also part of the must-see of the island.  We name among them the famous Midoun and Guellala.

In the first one, you will find splendid palm groves, olive trees and large local markets. There are the Tunisian Art Museum and the Fadhloun mosque, too. These buildings are one of the most beautiful in the region. 

As for the picturesque Guellela, it is known for its pottery and the manufacturing of artisanal products.

Djerba land of peace and tolerance

The Tunisian island has a rich culture and a deep history which goes back to the Berber and Punic era until the arrival of the Ottomans, the Spanish and the Sicilians.

From one civilization to another, Djerba has gone through battles, periods of prosperity and ethnic and cultural mixing.

Today, it is a symbolic land of peace and tolerance. The island has always been home to the Tunisian Jewish community that is as patriotic as the Muslim locals. Together they share their daily life with fraternity and respect. Visit the Hara district to notice it by yourself.

In Djerba, also, stands the oldest Synagogue in Africa called El Ghriba. This mythical place for prayer and pilgrimage is unique. Its visitors come from all over the world to practice their rites or to discover its majestic architecture.

The Ghriba Synagogue has great historical and spiritual value. According to the legend, it holds a sacred stone brought from the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem by the Jews who came to settle in North Africa.

Djerba Beach Hotel welcomes you for your holidays on the island
The Hotel is located in the tourist area of the famous city of Midoun, being part of the hotel chain that adorns the coasts of the island. It has a majestic Arab-Andalusian architecture, enhancing its oriental charm, as well as beautiful lush green gardens. Its sumptuous decoration, reminiscent of another era, encourages its visitors to spend more time there.
Several entertaining areas have, also, been created both inside the hotel and in the surrounding area. You will find a rich library, a pretty cocktail bar and greenery spreading fragrances with the scent of jasmine, bitter orange and various aromatic plants.
The outdoor swimming pool and its charming bar add an exotic touch, too.
The hotel is eco-friendly, too. In fact, we are committed to protecting the environment and we practice selective sorting and use solar energy.