The Cap Bon of Tunisia, a Mediterranean journey on the northeast coast
Welcome to the Cap Bon Peninsula! You are on a prominent Tunisian land that embraces the Mediterranean Sea and connects the north-east of the country to the south of Italy and its surroundings.
Being so close to Sicily and the island of Malta, this region has always been a land of hospitality throughout Tunisia's ancient and modern history. It is a place where all the cultures of Mediterranean origin, come together.
As a result, open-mindedness and passion for the sea, for agriculture and art are part of the daily life of its residents.
Hammamet & Nabeul: A famous seaside resort and an extended haven of scents
The peninsula includes several towns that have become very famous today, thanks to their dense tourist activity. These include the charming coastal city of Hammamet, called "the mermaid of the Mediterranean", and the authentic town of Nabeul, famous for its handicrafts. Distance between both of them is about 13 km.
Known for its turquoise beaches and its nightlife in summer, Hammamet is one of the most touristy coastal towns in Tunisia. It hosts millions of travellers from all over the world.

Besides, it contains many hotel chains, excellent restaurants and the most exclusive nightclubs of the region. But Hammamet is not only a world of glitter and prestige. It is also a land of escape, history and agricultural scents.

Nabeul has the best craft products on the coast. It also transforms flowers into perfume essence and harvests into local products. Its artisanal souks of pottery and ceramics, its floral fragrances and its display of spices delight all the senses.

Delfino Beach Hotel : 4 well-deserved stars
To help you plan your visit and stay in the region, we invite you to discover our Delfino Beach Hotel.
Located on the seaside, halfway between Nabeul and Hammamet, it welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere.
It is 6 km away from each of the two cities and 65 km away from Tunis Carthage Airport.
If you land on the coasts, the hotel is only 40 km away from Enfidha airport and 150 km away from Monastir airport.
Upon entering the hotel, you accede to a grand universe with oriental decoration that you will also find in the rooms.
Besides, it has a prestigious Moorish architecture that inspires and takes you to another dimension. Once inside, the cosy place will attract you by its grand furnishings, the sparkling chandeliers and the fabulous decoration plants.
Night spotlights, inlaid in the floor, gently illuminate the way to the rooms.